danceroom Spectroscopy at the Bristol Proms

Last night danceroom Spectroscopy (dS) accompanied the violinist Nicola Benedetti at the Bristol Proms for a diverse programme of music named: Vibrations. Excitingly, BBC Points West put together some great coverage of the event in which I said a few words. Classic FM also published some great photographs and video footage.


I have been working on dS over the last year with an amazing team of artists, choreographers, programmers, composers and dancers headed up by the brainbox chemical physicist Dr David Glowacki (Bristol)  (who was recently awarded a research fellowship from of the Royal Society!). I work on the musical aspects of dS with Professor Joseph Hyde (Bath Spa) which was particularly important last night as we used the live audio to control the parameters of the system in real-time. We were really pleased with how it turned out, I hope we get to work on more performances like this in future.

The dS homepage is a good place to find out more information about the project. At some point I will add a project page here to expand on some of the work that I do for dS.